Oakland & East Bay Beer Passport (2021-22)

Size Guide

This Beer Passport gets you 27 FREE beers at the greatest places to drink beer in the East Bay.  27 of the finest locally owned bars, breweries, dives, diners and restaurants, carefully chosen for their excellent beer lists, drinking patios, food trucks and kitchens.

Each passport contains 27 coupons for a buy-1-get-1 FREE beer at every legendary venue.   All you have to do is hand your bartender or server the coupon and poof!  Two beers for the price of one. 

Venues in the 2021 Passport:
We've got the best German biergarten (Speisekammer), the best Belgian beer garden (Trappist), the best taps for West Coast IPA's (Gliman, Drakes, Oakland United) the best Hazi (Temescal), and the best patio for mexican lagers and Mezcal (El Patio). We got the finest gluten-free taproom on the planet (Buck Wild) we even got the best joint for Japanese beers and sake (The Periodic Table).  The list goes on and on.

Check out the Oakland & East Bay Best Beer Map Here!
If you love beer, enjoy a variety of carefully crafted and fresh local beers (Ale Industries, Townhouse, Arthur Mac's), along with the best handmade pizza in the East Bay (Philomena, Jupiter) Maybe you love a dope brunch spot with an excellent beer list and patio (Portal).  The 2021 Oakland & East Bay Beer Passport has you covered.

Oh, and don't think we forgot the dope dives, gin joints and music venues either.   We also have have the funnest drinking joints like Merchant's, Eli's, Commonwealth, Radio & Ruby too, the classics that punkrockers to soccer moms fucking love to booze at.

The Oakland & East Bay Beer Passport coupons expires 8/1/2022 so get yours today and go and support your local drinking holes!!
Sizing Guide

Measurements are taken of the front of the shirt.  For example, a Men's Small says Chest = 18", which means it measures 18" from left to right of the front of the shirt.   The full shirt circumference = 36" (front and back combined).