East vs West - Rappers Wrapping Paper

Size Guide

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We put together a collection of *some* of our favorite MCs from the 1980's and 1990's.  Now we know this list is not complete, but it takes our man @kevinpride a minute to draw our each person.  And we HAD to drop some Rapping Paper in time for the holidays.

Holla, Holla Days!

Sold in single sheets, with discounts the more you purchase.

Sheets:  19" W x 27" H
Paper:  80lb gloss

You can hang these on the wall or wrap a present for your favorite cousin with some dope Rapping Wrapping Paper.

Rapping Paper

Wrapping Paper

Why not!  Do something different and spark a quick convo and debate which of these people would make your East vs West Wrapping Paper list.

Sizing Guide

Measurements are taken of the front of the shirt.  For example, a Men's Small says Chest = 18", which means it measures 18" from left to right of the front of the shirt.   The full shirt circumference = 36" (front and back combined).